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What is our plant health care?

Olsen Brothers Tree Surgery - Tree Pruning We utilize an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) that involves mechanical, cultural and organic pest management. These types of methods are done in three stages: prevention, observation, and intervention. Our system is an ecological approach with the main goal of reducing pest and insect populations to an acceptable level. We rely on an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management, utilizing a combination of common-sense practices. Comprehensive knowledge of the life cycle of pests and their interaction with your trees and shrubs, in combination with the most current technology enables us to manage pests by the most economical means AND with the least possible hazard to people, their properties and OUR ENVIRONMENT!

How our plant heath program works:

Plant Health Care is not a single pest or insect control method but, rather, a combination of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls. The sight of a pest or insect alone does not necessarily dictate control is required. The level at which pests become an economic threat is critical to guiding pest and insect control decisions. Not all insects and other living organisms require control: many organisms are innocuous and some are beneficial! Plant Health Care involves monitoring and indentifying insects and pests so the right treatment can be recommended and the least amount of pesticide used. Once monitoring, identification and thresholds indicate pest and insect control is required, we determine the amount and frequency of the treatment by one of our New York State Certified Applicators.

What is our treatment?

Your trees or shrubs could be suffering from an abiotic [non-living] or biotic [living] disease or organism. Our holistic approach to pest and insect management involves careful and measured use of organic pesticides. One of our New York State Certified applicators will evaluate your property and determine whether or not treatment is needed and if needed, the amount and frequency. In many instances, your trees and shrubs could be suffering from nutrient deficiency since most mature or older plants are neglected in this regard.

Our deep root feeding program addresses this problem and targets the deeper feeding roots, delivering a measured amount of nutrients to help proper growth and development of the tree or shrub. We also utilize the most current technology for delivering systemic treatments for those insects that cannot be managed by foliar sprays; we must inject the tree to treat the problem.

In addition, many pest and insect problems can be greatly improved by properly pruning your trees to remove dead and diseased wood which can reduce the spread of disease to other healthy trees on your property. In all cases, you will need to contact us for a free evaluation to determine which method is the best approach.

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